Awakening Vizhi Morning...!

Applauding your courage to spearhead for an awakening movement , appreciating your confidence and motivation to follow your inner-calling which drives your thoughts , actions and life towards a self-less service for living the dream of “ ENLIGHTENED AND POWERFUL INDIA ”.

Team Vizhi heartily welcomes you with lots of gratefulness into the "World Of Awakening" …!!

Be Proud to be an AWAKENER…!!!

With Unbeatable Passion , Unmeasurable Hopes and Countless Dreams.


My Identity.....


It consists of a pair of meditating eyes , two wings and a lamp with an open eye as its glow.

1.   The pair of meditating eyes symbolize the “heart” whose reflection are the eyes to perceive the external world.

2.   The wings symbolize the “human mind” which has the capability to fly highest.

3.   The lamp with the eye symbolizes the awakening of rational inner spirit which makes mankind powerful in this world.

My Voice....§

“Educate toAwaken”


    I whole heartedly believe in the compelling   necessity of awakened souls in our country , as dreamt and idealized by Swami Vivekananda to march our motherland forward in all fields to make it a powerful and prosperous nation. I am   totally   convinced   by the words of Nelson Mandela   who said


“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”.  


 I profoundly accept “EDUCATION” as   our core value   and believe that it is the only and the right tool to “awaken” the future pillars of our country and thereby to sculpt my “calling” .


Rather than being called "Teachers", we take pride in calling ourselves as   “AWAKENERS”.